Suffering with Arabic Web Design

If you’ve tried to design a site in languages other than English, I am sure you must have felt like I do whenever I try to design a site whose language is Arabic. Most of the coding languages, software, tools, and even the tutorials assume that you’re designing in English and using a left-to-right writing …

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My top 6 secrets to succeed as a freelancer

After two years of working as a freelancer on and successfully completing over 100 projects,  I’ve been able to settle on a number of very important values and keys to succeed as a freelancer. Although they are not true secrets but they are very important things to always bear in mind while working as a freelancer.

top freelance secrets
My top freelance secrets

Here are my top 6 secrets to succeed as a freelancer:

  1. Communication is KEY:
    • As most of the work we do as freelancer is with people we don’t meet, it’s very important to keep a very good level of open communication with them. I believe this is the most important value to consider, and here some quick tips for using it effectively:trans

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Protect your health while using computers

Being a very keen computer user I have started to suffer from a lot of health-related problems like eye strain and dryness, backache, pain in the hands and arms, neck ache, and I am sure a lot you who share the love for computers might be suffering from the same problems. Today I found a …

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