WordPress 3.0 vs. Joomla: Round 2

After writing my article Where Joomla beats WordPress, I noticed that some readers commented saying that with the release of the new version of WordPress 3.0 the battle will have a different outcome in favor of WordPress.

So, I decided to wait until WP 3.0 has been officially released to be able to do another comparison and see who wins this time.

Wordpress vs. Joomla: Round 2

Here are the new winner features in WordPress 3.0 that gives it the upper hand over Joomla:

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Escaping the maintenance mode trap :: WP Quick tip 6

It happened to me once and it almost drove me crazy. I was upgrading some plugins via the automatic plugin upgrade feature and something wrong happened to my internet connection and when I tried to open my site, I got an error message says” Maintenance Mode” I did everything I could to solve this problem …

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WordPress 3.0 Thelonious is here now!

I’ve just been notified that the official release of WordPress 3.0 named “Thelonious ”  is finally here! Here is a video that tells you all about the new features and cool things it offers. Watch it and enjoy! N.B.: Did you upgrade yet? I usually like to upgrade automatically from the WP Dashboard automatic upgrade, …

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My favorite Resources for learning WordPress

To keep up-to-date with WordPress’ ever evolving and growing knowledge I have to stay tuned to a large number of favorite sites which I will talk about briefly here, and I urge you to visit them if you’re into WordPress like me.

    1. Css-tricks.com: My personal favorite site which I spend hours every week checking for new articles, watching the famous video screen casts which offer in-depth teaching for various topics including WordPress. You will also love the code snippets part and the very live Forum. Managed by Chris Coyer, who is doing a wonderful job!


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    Protect your health while using computers

    Being a very keen computer user I have started to suffer from a lot of health-related problems like eye strain and dryness, backache, pain in the hands and arms, neck ache, and I am sure a lot you who share the love for computers might be suffering from the same problems. Today I found a …

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    WordPress vs. Joomla: Where Joomla beats WordPress

    Joomla is a very famous free CMS( content management system) today and I’ve always wondered is it really better than WordPress like some people say!

    WordPress vs. Joomla

    I tried to search online for comparisons and to be honest couldn’t find a satisfying answer till I recently decided to give it a try and see for myself, and below I will try to explain the areas where Joomla surpasses WordPress and where it fails short.

    Joomla beats WordPress in the following situations:

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    10 Great Plugins I use and recommend :: WP Quick tip 4

    After discussing plugins in the WP Quick tip 3, how to install and make the best use of them to extend your site or blog, I guess it’s time to talk about the best plugins you can use and I will give you my personal preferences for the ones that I’ve used and have proved to be reliable to me.

    1. All in One SEO: Your first choice for making your blog Search Engine friendly, and optimizing your titles to get better reach by search engines and more visitors.
    2. Contact Form 7: The simplest WP contact form plugin, very easy to use and modify and you get full control over the message a user gets when submitting the form. For more powerful control try, cformsII.

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    Install a plugin easily and safely :: WP Quick tip 3

    Plugins are additions to your WordPress site or blog to extend it’s functionality in a lot of ways, and adding them can achieve a lot of things without the need to change any code yourself.

    A lot about Plugins by 103 Graphics

    What makes plugins so popular?

    1. Plugins are very easy to install( explained below)
    2. They can let you do a lot of extras with your site, like create membership sites, accept Paypal payments, add social media icons, and a lot more.
    3. Most of them are FREE!

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    Change the look of your WP site using themes

    The ability to change a theme with one click was one of the first things that attracted me to WordPress, and I have to admit that the first time I tried it, I couldn’t believe my eyes how easy it was! This is part 5 of a WordPress How-to video series. http://www.screencast.com/t/ZTVmMzY0MmU   Topics covered …

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