A must see WordPress resource

I just found out about a very interesting WordPress resources called” Top 100 Resources for WordPress Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials” and thought I would share it with you. It features a long list of very useful resources for Plugins, Themes, tips and tricks and more. Hope you enjoy it.

Can good design be deceiving?

Sometimes I come across a site that wows me with it’s design and right away I think” the service it presents must be as good as it’s design” and I sometimes buy from it without hesitation fascinated by it’s great design.

It happened with me recently with WPMU DEV, just as I saw the way they displayed their products and advertized their themes and plugins, I couldn’t resist and I signed up right away, however, after logging in and using some the plugins and putting them to real-world test, I got a bit disappointed.

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My Site is redesigned

After about a year of the old look, I decided to do a complete overhaul for my site.

Now with a wider layout, cleaner and simpler design which gives more focus to the content itself.

Also, gives more focus on my portfolio and work which has been spread into categories to allow for easier access.

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WordPress community… Thank you!

After I wrote my last post, WordPress… I am disappointed by a week or so I found a solution to my problem that I discussed over there thanks to the wonderful community that supports WordPress and makes it worth sticking to.

The Problem:

I found out that the whole problem was caused by having a custom post type that starts with an Uppercase name, Pharmacists instead of pharmacists, this lead to the break of the custom post type when I upgraded to WP 3.1.

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WordPress… I am disappointed

I’ve been using WordPress for almost 3 years now and things have been going pretty well, except for some minor problems and errors that I’ve always been able to handle, some alone and most with the help of the vast spread WordPress community on the Internet.

However, recently I started working on my biggest project ever,  one in which I used all my skills, knowledge and experience more that I’ve ever given to any other site I’ve done, and to my bad luck I’ve been stuck with a problem that made me really disappointed!

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