My Experience with Child Themes in WordPress

When I first started modifying WordPress themes, I did that the wrong way, which involved editing existent themes with my styles, and how painful that was when one client did an auto-update for the theme a while later washing out all my work!

Then I took  a step further by building my own themes based upon blank themes, those themes give you a fully functional WordPress template with no styling at all, and this went quite well for some time, although it was kind of doing a lot of work each time with the basic structure and formatting for all elements over and over again. I used Blank theme by Chris Coyier, then Starkers theme by Elliot Jay Stocks.

Starker Blank Theme

Recently I heard a lot about the concept of Child themes, and soon it became my favorite way of creating WordPress-based sites most of the time, and here is why…

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Good Security Plugins for WordPress

I got this question on my email a few days ago,

“Thanks for the information about WordPress vs. Joomla. It was interesting.
I have had my Joomla site hacked so many times that I was considering switching to WordPress.
Any experiences with security w/ WordPress?

And looking back, I haven’t faced the situation where the site’s I’ve build needed much security as an important requirement for them, that’s why I haven’t given this issue much thought before.

Trying to answer this question, I had to research the topic of WordPress security more and here is what I found.

How to Keep your site Secure and Safe:

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What to do when a plugin breaks your site?

If you’re fond of testing new plugins like me, you must have faced this situation before.

Installing and activating a new plugin and then heading to your site to find just a blank page!

Unfortunately, a lot of plugins are not tested enough to be safe to try on live sites, and some of them do cause a problem to your site, that’s why it can be unsafe to use them.

How to fix this situation?

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Best WordPress Calendar Plugins I’ve seen so far

Based upon requests from clients, I had to look for and review a number of calendar plugins to use in WordPress sites and here are the best ones I’ve found so far. Most of them are free and you got lots of choices as well.

1. Calendar: by Kieran O’shea.

It’s a very nice and easy to use plugin and displays as a large calendar that you can easily place into a page or post and add events in categories and make them color-distinct.

You can repeat events, and assign links to them as well.

calendar plugin

And here is a live demo for it on the developer’s own site.

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Best WordPress themes I’ve worked with

As a WordPress designer I’ve worked with lots of themes from different sources, and over the time I could tell which were good ones and where were not.

I will try to cover here some of the best themes I’ve worked with to give you a heads up on where to go when looking for quality themes.

1. Blank or Bare-bones themes:

If you’re a designer like me, you would be looking for themes that have no styling at all to apply your custom work to it, and there are some really good ones for this:

2. Quality Free Themes:

One of the greatest thing about WordPress is the availability of thousands of quality free themes for it to make it super easy for you to find any style you’re looking for, and here are some of the best I’ve seen:

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WordPress 3.0 vs. Joomla: Round 2

After writing my article Where Joomla beats WordPress, I noticed that some readers commented saying that with the release of the new version of WordPress 3.0 the battle will have a different outcome in favor of WordPress.

So, I decided to wait until WP 3.0 has been officially released to be able to do another comparison and see who wins this time.

Wordpress vs. Joomla: Round 2

Here are the new winner features in WordPress 3.0 that gives it the upper hand over Joomla:

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