My favorite Resources for learning WordPress

To keep up-to-date with WordPress’ ever evolving and growing knowledge I have to stay tuned to a large number of favorite sites which I will talk about briefly here, and I urge you to visit them if you’re into WordPress like me.

    1. My personal favorite site which I spend hours every week checking for new articles, watching the famous video screen casts which offer in-depth teaching for various topics including WordPress. You will also love the code snippets part and the very live Forum. Managed by Chris Coyer, who is doing a wonderful job!

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    WordPress vs. Joomla: Where Joomla beats WordPress

    Joomla is a very famous free CMS( content management system) today and I’ve always wondered is it really better than WordPress like some people say!

    WordPress vs. Joomla

    I tried to search online for comparisons and to be honest couldn’t find a satisfying answer till I recently decided to give it a try and see for myself, and below I will try to explain the areas where Joomla surpasses WordPress and where it fails short.

    Joomla beats WordPress in the following situations:

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    10 Great Plugins I use and recommend :: WP Quick tip 4

    After discussing plugins in the WP Quick tip 3, how to install and make the best use of them to extend your site or blog, I guess it’s time to talk about the best plugins you can use and I will give you my personal preferences for the ones that I’ve used and have proved to be reliable to me.

    1. All in One SEO: Your first choice for making your blog Search Engine friendly, and optimizing your titles to get better reach by search engines and more visitors.
    2. Contact Form 7: The simplest WP contact form plugin, very easy to use and modify and you get full control over the message a user gets when submitting the form. For more powerful control try, cformsII.

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    Install a plugin easily and safely :: WP Quick tip 3

    Plugins are additions to your WordPress site or blog to extend it’s functionality in a lot of ways, and adding them can achieve a lot of things without the need to change any code yourself.

    A lot about Plugins by 103 Graphics

    What makes plugins so popular?

    1. Plugins are very easy to install( explained below)
    2. They can let you do a lot of extras with your site, like create membership sites, accept Paypal payments, add social media icons, and a lot more.
    3. Most of them are FREE!

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    Full control over images :: WP Quick tip 2

    Images are a very important part of any site, and WordPress gives you a lot of control over your images, and it even added new features in WP 2.9 to make it even easier to control and edit without the need for any extra software.

    How to Insert Images:

    • Click on the first button next to the Upload/Insert found above the text input area in the Edit Post screen, and this opens up another where you get to choose your file and then click upload.
    • Once uploaded you can have full control over your images as see below( click on image to see in full size).

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    Why WordPress?

    My first encounter with WordPress dates back to September 2007, when I published my first blog, El Malak Pharmacy Blog. since then I never stopped using WordPress and learning new things about it every day.

    El Malak Pharmacy Blog
    El Malak Pharmacy Blog

    I have to say that I was very attracted to it, and every time I learn something new or make a new web site using it, I find a lot more to learn. It really is a deep sea to explore!

    So, what are the reasons for my love of WordPress?

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