Choosing The Best WordPress Hosting  – Tips

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What’s the best hosting for WordPress? it is one of the most asked questions we see over the internet. The answer to this question is important for every WordPress website owner who understands how important a component a hosting is for the success of a WordPress site. A good WP hosting not just improves search …

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How to Insert a video into your WP blog

This is part 8 of a WordPress How-to video series.

Not so long ago, inserting a video into your WordPress based site was a real challenge, however, now with the latest version of WP and the many easy-to-use plugins available this has become so easy and straight-forward.

A lot of scenarios are available for such a thing but I would greatly recommend uploading your video to a video-sharing site like YouTube or Vimeo, or similar the then including the link into your site.


Topics covered in Screen Cast:

  • Using Plugins to insert videos into your site or blog
  • My Favorite free plugins for video
  • How to setup the plugin and how to use it?
  • Insert a video without the need for plugins

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Create Custom Menus with Ease in WordPress 3.0

This is part 7 of a WordPress How-to video series. Today I will cover the topic of using the New WordPress 3.0 Custom Menus, and how to make the best use of them in your site. Topics covered in Screen Cast: How to create a new custom menu and add pages, categories and external …

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What I like most about Joomla in Video

After comparing Joomla WordPress to Joomla twice, focusing on the strengths of Joomla in one, and the new features that make WordPress 3.0 a better CMS in two, I thought it would be nice to show in video the things I still like about Joomla. This is part 6 of a WordPress How-to video series. …

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Change the look of your WP site using themes

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The ability to change a theme with one click was one of the first things that attracted me to WordPress, and I have to admit that the first time I tried it, I couldn’t believe my eyes how easy it was! This is part 5 of a WordPress How-to video series.   Topics covered …

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Organize your Pages easily

This is part 4 of a WordPress How-to video series. Although WordPress was initially a blogging platform, nowadays, lots of people are using as a regular website, or what’s called a CMS( content management system). To make this easier you need a way to control the pages especially if you have lots of them, in …

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WordPress Overview for beginners

After I started my WordPress How-to video series I thought, what if somebody is totally new to WordPress and doesn’t know where to go to get things done into WP Dashboard, so I decided to shoot a quick video as an overview for the absolute beginners to WordPress.   Topics covered in Screen Cast: …

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Adding Links and Managing pages

This is part 3 of a WordPress How-to video series.   Topics covered in Screen Cast: How to add links to your text. Password-protecting your pages or keeping them private for registered users only. Controlling the menu order of pages and page hierarchy. I look forward to hearing any comments or suggestions to improve …

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