Good Security Plugins for WordPress

wp antivirus

I got this question on my email a few days ago,

“Thanks for the information about WordPress vs. Joomla. It was interesting.
I have had my Joomla site hacked so many times that I was considering switching to WordPress.
Any experiences with security w/ WordPress?

And looking back, I haven’t faced the situation where the site’s I’ve build needed much security as an important requirement for them, that’s why I haven’t given this issue much thought before.

Trying to answer this question, I had to research the topic of WordPress security more and here is what I found.

How to Keep your site Secure and Safe:

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Joomla… I am disappointed!

I am very sorry to say that a friend contacted me to say that his Joomla site has been hacked and that he’s finding a great difficulty in regaining control over it . When I first compared WordPress to Joomla I said I saw many advantages it had over WordPress and  a lot of friends …

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