WordPress community… Thank you!

After I wrote my last post, WordPress… I am disappointed by a week or so I found a solution to my problem that I discussed over there thanks to the wonderful community that supports WordPress and makes it worth sticking to.

The Problem:

I found out that the whole problem was caused by having a custom post type that starts with an Uppercase name, Pharmacists instead of pharmacists, this lead to the break of the custom post type when I upgraded to WP 3.1.

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Good Security Plugins for WordPress

wp antivirus

I got this question on my email a few days ago,

“Thanks for the information about WordPress vs. Joomla. It was interesting.
I have had my Joomla site hacked so many times that I was considering switching to WordPress.
Any experiences with security w/ WordPress?

And looking back, I haven’t faced the situation where the site’s I’ve build needed much security as an important requirement for them, that’s why I haven’t given this issue much thought before.

Trying to answer this question, I had to research the topic of WordPress security more and here is what I found.

How to Keep your site Secure and Safe:

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What to do when a plugin breaks your site?

computer crash again

If you’re fond of testing new plugins like me, you must have faced this situation before.

Installing and activating a new plugin and then heading to your site to find just a blank page!

Unfortunately, a lot of plugins are not tested enough to be safe to try on live sites, and some of them do cause a problem to your site, that’s why it can be unsafe to use them.

How to fix this situation?

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Best WordPress Calendar Plugins I’ve seen so far

Based upon requests from clients, I had to look for and review a number of calendar plugins to use in WordPress sites and here are the best ones I’ve found so far. Most of them are free and you got lots of choices as well.

1. Calendar: by Kieran O’shea.

It’s a very nice and easy to use plugin and displays as a large calendar that you can easily place into a page or post and add events in categories and make them color-distinct.

You can repeat events, and assign links to them as well.

calendar plugin
calendar plugin

And here is a live demo for it on the developer’s own site.

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How to Insert a video into your WP blog

This is part 8 of a WordPress How-to video series.

Not so long ago, inserting a video into your WordPress based site was a real challenge, however, now with the latest version of WP and the many easy-to-use plugins available this has become so easy and straight-forward.

A lot of scenarios are available for such a thing but I would greatly recommend uploading your video to a video-sharing site like YouTube or Vimeo, or similar the then including the link into your site.



Topics covered in Screen Cast:

  • Using Plugins to insert videos into your site or blog
  • My Favorite free plugins for video
  • How to setup the plugin and how to use it?
  • Insert a video without the need for plugins

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10 Great Plugins I use and recommend :: WP Quick tip 4


After discussing plugins in the WP Quick tip 3, how to install and make the best use of them to extend your site or blog, I guess it’s time to talk about the best plugins you can use and I will give you my personal preferences for the ones that I’ve used and have proved to be reliable to me.

  1. All in One SEO: Your first choice for making your blog Search Engine friendly, and optimizing your titles to get better reach by search engines and more visitors.
  2. Contact Form 7: The simplest WP contact form plugin, very easy to use and modify and you get full control over the message a user gets when submitting the form. For more powerful control try, cformsII.

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Install a plugin easily and safely :: WP Quick tip 3

Plugins are additions to your WordPress site or blog to extend it’s functionality in a lot of ways, and adding them can achieve a lot of things without the need to change any code yourself.

103 graphics plugins post
A lot about Plugins by 103 Graphics

What makes plugins so popular?

  1. Plugins are very easy to install( explained below)
  2. They can let you do a lot of extras with your site, like create membership sites, accept Paypal payments, add social media icons, and a lot more.
  3. Most of them are FREE!

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