How to bulk edit post properties in seconds

bulk edit posts

Have you ever been faced with the situation where you wanted to change a property of a large number of your posts in bulk, like for example to allow comments, publish or un-publish them and didn’t know how to do that in a single step ? ( without the need to open your database and …

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Full control over images :: WP Quick tip 2

Images are a very important part of any site, and WordPress gives you a lot of control over your images, and it even added new features in WP 2.9 to make it even easier to control and edit without the need for any extra software.

How to Insert Images:

  • Click on the first button next to the Upload/Insert found above the text input area in the Edit Post screen, and this opens up another where you get to choose your file and then click upload.
  • Once uploaded you can have full control over your images as see below( click on image to see in full size).

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