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top 100 wp resource

I just found out about a very interesting WordPress resources called” Top 100 Resources for WordPress Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials” and thought I would share it with you. It features a long list of very useful resources for Plugins, Themes, tips and tricks and more. Hope you enjoy it.

My favorite Resources for learning WordPress

wp recepies

To keep up-to-date with WordPress’ ever evolving and growing knowledge I have to stay tuned to a large number of favorite sites which I will talk about briefly here, and I urge you to visit them if you’re into WordPress like me.

    1. Css-tricks.com: My personal favorite site which I spend hours every week checking for new articles, watching the famous video screen casts which offer in-depth teaching for various topics including WordPress. You will also love the code snippets part and the very live Forum. Managed by Chris Coyer, who is doing a wonderful job!

      css tricks

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