Best WordPress themes I’ve worked with

As a WordPress designer I’ve worked with lots of themes from different sources, and over the time I could tell which were good ones and where were not.

I will try to cover here some of the best themes I’ve worked with to give you a heads up on where to go when looking for quality themes.

1. Blank or Bare-bones themes:

If you’re a designer like me, you would be looking for themes that have no styling at all to apply your custom work to it, and there are some really good ones for this:

2. Quality Free Themes:

One of the greatest thing about WordPress is the availability of thousands of quality free themes for it to make it super easy for you to find any style you’re looking for, and here are some of the best I’ve seen:

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Change the look of your WP site using themes

childfund 700

The ability to change a theme with one click was one of the first things that attracted me to WordPress, and I have to admit that the first time I tried it, I couldn’t believe my eyes how easy it was! This is part 5 of a WordPress How-to video series.   Topics covered …

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