Top 12+ WordPress Themes with True 1-click Demo Installs

The Idea:

After having writing two articles about WordPress demo importing; Not All demo imports are Alike and Why Demo importing is still a challenge, I thought I would try to create a list of themes I’ve used and found to have true 1-click demo installs to help anyone looking for the right theme with this important features to find it with ease.


I keep adding to the list as I find new themes, so don’t forget to check back often if you’re interested in this topic.

My List of Top 1-click Install WP themes:


A lot of theme authors nowadays have started to create their own importer plugins and many of them deliver it pre-installed with the theme that you get to run it right after you install the theme.

And a very good example of that is the Avada Theme Demo Importer which is a true 1-click demo importer.


And although I have a couple of comments on the Avada theme as a whole I find that its demo importer is a great one that does the job perfectly every time.


Another cool demo import I found was the Listify theme demo importer, and this one was so simple to use and it imports everything with just one click.



Sahifa theme from Tielabs was another example of one-click demo installers which gives you everything in just a single click and it won’t affect your current data, I can say it was one of the easiest demo imports I’ve done recently.



Newspaper Theme by TagDiv, this one really stood out for me when I first saw it as it has a very clean and easy to use Demo installer.

First you get a small preview of all demos from the Install screen( not all themes allow this, some just give you a name for the demo and you need to Google it to see how that would look), it also allows the import of the demo content along with theme settings or settings alone.


The whole process takes place on one screen and you even get to uninstall a demo if you didn’t like how it looked after installing it and that was really cool to me.

And once installed the site looks perfectly like the theme demo site with all images, widgets, etc.. and you don’t have to do anything else.



Is a magazine theme from TagDiv which shares the same fabulous demo installer and it really is a breeze to use and you can install and uninstall any demo provided with the theme to try out the different ones.

newsmag demo install

SEOWP Theme by LumberMan:

This theme installation process was one of the most smooth installations I’ve ever had recently!

seowp theme installationEvery thing was very simple and from just one screen you can do all the required steps:

  • Plugins are installed and activated in just one step.
  • Integrate Installed plugins is another one-click step that prepares for the demo import.
  • Demo content import was very fast, showed clear progress of what’s happening and didn’t take time or stop at all.
  • Images and sliders are included with the demo, so you get a prefect replica of the theme on your site in just a few minutes.

This one was really impressive, thanks LumberMan.

Prolist Theme from Apus:

prolist theme apus

Another very simple yet effective option from Apus themes, the Prolist theme demo importer.

It worked very nicely and as you can see it has a very simple interface and each step turns blue when it’s being carried out and after all are done you get a simple text confirmation.

That one worked pretty smoothly, although at times I wasn’t sure if it’s still working or it was frozen as there wasn’t a real progress indicator especially with step 2 that took most of the time. Also, I would have expected to see an image next to each demo to know what exactly am I choosing. But in total it worked nicely and everything was looking good on the front-end after the import was successful.

prolist home

Frank Jewelry Store:

frank jewelry

This theme was quite nice and different in installing its demo content. First of all uploading the theme was a real issue as the zip file is 86 MB which is something I’ve never seen before.

Apart from that once you install the theme you see a notice on top guiding you through the steps that you need to take, Install plugins, One click demo data and Theme customizer which is pretty neat instead of having to look around for it.

Then the theme gives you the option to choose what exactly do you need to install, from complete demo import to only pages, forms and sliders and even here you get to choose which Home version do you want to get, which is very cool in my opinion.

Also, while the import process is in progress, you can always see the progress bar with clear percentages which makes you aware of what’s happening and where you are right now. Really well done from Themerex.

install demo settings

Kalium Theme:

kallium theme demos

It comes with a neat demo installer and you need to activate the theme before you can install the demo content for it. It checks your WordPress PHP configuration and tells you upfront if yours are good enough or not, which is a good thing.

screenshot 2017 12 19 23 41 34 678

Kalium also provides some freedom as to what exactly do you want to import with the demo, from content, to media, typography settings, widgets and theme options.

And once the import is complete they provide you with a smilie to know that you’re all good (:

screenshot 2017 12 19 23 43 55 572

Course Builder Theme:

course builder theme plugins

Course Builder theme by ThimPress has a cool wizard interface which takes you step by step into importing the theme demo; starting by activating the plugins, registering your copy of the theme and finally choosing which demo of the theme you want to import,

course builder theme demo

And after you wait for a while you get a very nice sound informing you that the demo import is done( I found this to be pretty cool as I just left the browser window and starting writing this post to hear the sound and when I got back I found it all done (:

Kallyas Theme:

kallayas demo install

Kallyas Theme by Hogash Demo install was pretty cool and went very smooth.

It even takes care of plugin installations during the demo install so you don’t need to do this beforehand, you just need to activate the theme first, and then it shows a clear progress bar with completion percentage and you can even let it work and you will get a cool sound when it’s done!


print shop theme

PrintShop theme: I liked the setup wizard of this theme as it pops-up once you install and activate the theme and it takes you through the steps of installing the required plugins and then picking your demo of choice and the best thing about this step is that it shows you a progress percentage which makes you confident everything is working fine( a common-sense feature that a lot of other installers seem to miss!)

Incharity theme:

screenshot .uk 2020.12.11 19 43 53

I loved the Import demo screen of this theme a lot, it tells you exactly what it’s going to import, it shows your sever settings in the same scree and it has a progress bar with percentage and a list of files being imported. Everything you possibly need in one screen.

Icharity theme by Inwavethemes.

WoodMart Theme:

screenshot .au 2021.02.11 17 41 07

WoodMart by Xtemos themes offers a clean and modern demo install experience, where you get to do a basic install first, then pick the demo version you want to have. It has a nice progress bar to keep you updated and ht process went very smoothly.

Your Contribution:

This is not the end of this list but rather the beginning and I will continue adding new themes with true 1-click importers once I know about them.

If you have a theme that you would like to suggest please, feel free to comment below and I will check it out and add it to the list.

All contributions appreciated.


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