Good Security Plugins for WordPress

I got this question on my email a few days ago,

“Thanks for the information about WordPress vs. Joomla. It was interesting.
I have had my Joomla site hacked so many times that I was considering switching to WordPress.
Any experiences with security w/ WordPress?

And looking back, I haven’t faced the situation where the site’s I’ve build needed much security as an important requirement for them, that’s why I haven’t given this issue much thought before.

Trying to answer this question, I had to research the topic of WordPress security more and here is what I found.

How to Keep your site Secure and Safe:

  1. It’s always of utmost importance to keep your WP site updated to the latest version as this protects you from many threats.
  2. A lot of plugins available to help you check your site and make it more secure, that I will discuss below.
  3. I found a very good chapter in the Digging WordPress Book, by Chris Coyier titled Maintaining a healthy site that handled this  issue in details.

Good Security Plugins I found:

Secure WordPress:

It provides a number of settings to help make your site or blog more secure like, removing WP version from your code, removes update notifications from no-admin users, and more.

Secure WP settings page

WP Security Scan

It has a security scan, a password generation tool as well as a tool to change the prefix of your WP database.

It gives you detailed info about your system and some advice to ensure good security.

wp security scan plugin

WP Anti-virus:

An anti-virus plugin that scans your theme folder to ensure it’s virus-free and can be setup to do a regular scan and send you the results by email

WP anti0virus after a clean scan

Hope you find these plugins useful and I look forward to you sharing your best security plugins that you know of to enrich this article.

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