Just upgraded to iOS6

As always, I am very anxious to try out new updates for software I use, and I always  put great expectations on ones done by Apple in particular.

Today, I’ve just upgraded my iPad2 to the latest iOS6, and all went very smooth and here are thoughts about it:

The overall upgrade process was very smooth and simple, anybody can do it!

overview whatsnew icon
What’s new in iOS6

My top Likes:

  1. I like the polished new look for App Store and especially the Update Apps screen.
  2. Maps are great and the 3D feature is amazing.
  3. Mail has some new cool additions, and I love most the Flagged tab that gives you easy access to flagged messages from all your account in one tab, same goes for VIP contacts, just effective.
  4. Integrating Facebook with other apps is very good and is the new Share menu is really great.
  5. Do Not Disturb is another cool feature( I used to wake up when my iPad was left next to my bed by incoming mail alerts or Facebook notifications!)

That’s just my quick tips, and you can view the full list of What’s New in iOS6 here

And don’t forget to share yours by posting comments on your experience with the new release from Apple.


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