My 9+2 Favorites in Technology( Updated January 2021)

Thought I would share some of my favorites in technology and learn more about yours.

1. My Favorite Browser:

Update: I still love Firefox but now I kind of distribute my time evenly between Firefox and Chrome.

Mozilla Firefox is a clear winner in this field, although Chrome is slightly getting my attention.

2. My Favorite Web host:

Update: I have moved to Siteground a few years ago and it’s my go-to and recommended web host for now( the link here is a referral link, but feel free to go to directly, if you wish as my opinion remains the same) . is my favorite and it offers me all I need for a very reasonable price

3. My Favorite Email:

Gmail is King and the lots of extra it offers makes it a clear winner in my opinion.

4. My Best Tablet:

Update: I kind of stopped using tablets and depend on my mobile phone all the time now.

IPad is mine and I just love it

5. My Favorite Online Office Replacement:

Google Drive which now combines online storage with office viewer is just marvelous. Give it a try and you won’t need to open MS Office anymore!

6. Social media platform:

Facebook is a dominant in this field and although Google+ is attracting more people each day, it still has a long way to go.

 7. Antivirus:

I used to depend on AVG Free for long, but now I’ve turned to avast and it’s doing really good with me.

8. My Favorite File Recovery Software:

The Free and amazing Recuva, it saved my friends engagement photos after being deleted by accident.

If you’re interested in data recovery software here is a comprehensive guide by SoftwareHow  featuring 16 Free Data Recovery Software (Updated 2020)

How To Easily Recover Deleted/Lost Files On PC In Seconds – Guide [MiniTool Tips]

9. Website building Platform:

WordPress is my absolute favorite and I don’t plan to change my opinion easily in the near future.

New April 2020:

10. File sharing platform:

There are so many good ones out there but I love and use, it’s fast, so easy to use and doesn’t require you to install any software of plugins. It just works!

11. Video Conference and Virtual Meeting:

Zoom has gained so much popularity these days due to the ease of use and the generous free account that give you 40 minutes of meeting time and up to 100 participants which is just awesome!

All recommendations above are based upon my personal experience.

I hope you’ve found those useful and look forward to hearing from you about your preferences and favorites.

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