My 9 Favorites in Technology

My 9 Favorites in Technology

Thought I would share some of my favorites in technology and learn more about yours.

1. My Favorite Browser:

Mozilla Firefox is a clear winner in this field, although Chrome is slightly getting my attention.

2. My Favorite Web host: is my favorite and it offers me all I need for a very reasonable price

3. My Favorite Email:

Gmail is King and the lots of extra it offers makes it a clear winner in my opinion.

4. My Best Tablet:

IPad is mine and I just love it

5. My Favorite Online Office Replacement:

Google Drive which now combines online storage with office viewer is just marvelous. Give it a try and you won’t need to open MS Office anymore!

6. Social media platform:

Facebook is a dominant in this field and although Google+ is attracting more people each day, it still has a long way to go.

 7. Antivirus:

I used to depend on AVG Free for long, but now I’ve turned to avast and it’s doing really good with me.

8. My Favorite File Recovery Software:

The Free and amazing Recuva, it saved my friends engagement photos after being deleted by accident.

9. Website building Platform:

WordPress is my absolute favorite and I don’t plan to change my opinion easily in the near future.

All recommendations above are based upon my personal experience.

I hope you’ve found those useful and look forward to hearing from you about your preferences and favorites.


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