Windows 8.1, is it worth the upgrade?

My first experience with Windows 8 was horrible, and although I first used it on a Core i7 HP 4540s ProBook, my overall impression was really bad!

I tried everything I could to make it run faster but failed, and I thought as a last resort I would try upgrading to the new 8.1 upgrade offered my Microsoft.

How to get the Upgrade?

First make sure to check the system requirements here.

Then head over to How to Update to Windows 8.1 for full details.

Go to Store to Update

How did it go?

  • Knowing I would need to download a 3.62GB  file to upgrade, has turned me off a couple of times but I finally decided to go on with it.
  • It was nice that the download could work in the background, and it also didn’t fail by a slight interruption in connection but smartly resumed after that, which was really nice!
  • The overall process took about 4 hours with my fast network connection( 4MB) and it had to do a couple of restarts before everything was ready.
  • I then had to re-install some updated drivers for my laptop to work nicely and that needed another 0.5GB

New Search Feature

My Impression:

  • The process was really smooth( a lot more that I had expected!)
  • It fixed all the glitches I used to suffer from with my Windows 8 setup and things now work a lot faster and smoother and all the apps load really fast.
  • It does have a couple of new features, but the absolute best for me was the performance improvement and it’s what really mattered most to me.
  • I am overall so happy and I am glad Microsoft could finally remedy what I did and introduce an all-new Windows!

Have you done the upgrade yourself?

Share with us how did it go and your impressions of it.



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