How to bulk edit post properties in seconds

Have you ever been faced with the situation where you wanted to change a property of a large number of your posts in bulk, like for example to allow comments, publish or un-publish them and didn’t know how to do that in a single step ? ( without the need to open your database and change the values over there manually.)

I was in this situation today, and found a quick and easy way to do that and here is how:( check attached image below)

  1. Go to your posts page and put a check mark next to the posts you want to affect.
  2. Click on the drop-down that says” Bulk Actions” and choose Edit and click Apply.
  3. This opens up a  screen which allows you to choose from the options to do:
    • Assign posts to categories
    • Assign tags to posts
    • Allow or dis-allow comments
    • Allow or dis-allow pings
    • Publish or Un-publish them
    • Makes  posts sticky or not
  4. Press Update and you’re Done!
bulk edit posts
Bulk edit posts

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