Can good design be deceiving?

Sometimes I come across a site that wows me with it’s design and right away I think” the service it presents must be as good as it’s design” and I sometimes buy from it without hesitation fascinated by it’s great design.

It happened with me recently with WPMU DEV, just as I saw the way they displayed their products and advertized their themes and plugins, I couldn’t resist and I signed up right away, however, after logging in and using some the plugins and putting them to real-world test, I got a bit disappointed.

Although I have to admit that they offer free support with membership, and to be honest they are very responsive and very patient will any questions you ask them, I am still suffering to get some plugins work as I hoped they would.

I am not saying it’s a bad service that you should stay away from, but just that the carefully designed banners all around the site and the very interesting video demos they create make you think a lot more of the products than they actually are!

Also, to be fair, they are very specialized in Multi-site plugins, which is something I have no need for right now, so maybe that’s part of why I didn’t enjoy their stuff so much.

So, have you been to a similar situation?

Share you thoughts with us on this topic.

Some screenshots from the WPMU DEV:

wp dev themes
Themes Page
wp dev plugins
Plugins page
wp dev support
Support Page

3 thoughts on “Can good design be deceiving?”

  1. I would agree with you. In my country you get a whole bunch of web designers who download templates so their site looks nice but then they charge fortunes for a service that doesn’t really stand up to what they charge for.

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