I found my hosting, for now!

After a month or so of confusion and continuous searching for the best hosting to go for, I found that my best choice was Bluehost.

I moved my sites to it and I have to say that everything went on smoothly and without a problem.

I find their package to be very good in terms of features and price and I enjoy using cPanel which makes it easy to reach everything I need on my hosting account.


The ability to host more than one site on the same account is very good( I didn’t have this with bizland and that was really bad, as I had to operate multiple accounts and pay for them separately!) So now, I host all my sites in one account that costs $5.95/month with the 2-year package.

My sites seem stable and load a bit faster than they used to and this makes me happy.

Before settling with Bluehost, I did a free signup with Dreamhost making use of their 14-day free trial period and I have to admit they were great except that I had a problem with moving my site and that made me decide not to continue with them, however, if you’re setting up a new site, I would definetly recommend them as they really offer a good service although slightly more expensive that Bluehost( Dreamhost costs $8.95/month if you sign up for 2 years).


I am not affiliated with any hosting company and what I explained above is just my personal experience.

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