My favorite Resources for learning WordPress

To keep up-to-date with WordPress’ ever evolving and growing knowledge I have to stay tuned to a large number of favorite sites which I will talk about briefly here, and I urge you to visit them if you’re into WordPress like me.

    1. My personal favorite site which I spend hours every week checking for new articles, watching the famous video screen casts which offer in-depth teaching for various topics including WordPress. You will also love the code snippets part and the very live Forum. Managed by Chris Coyer, who is doing a wonderful job!

      css tricks

  1. Another very useful site with a different taste which is apparent in his designer great care for details and very helpful tutorials on web design, WordPress, and a lot more.

    webdesigner wall
    Webdesigner Wall
  2. A very resourceful and fresh site, focusing on all design topics including WordPress. Updated very often and has a fresh perspective and nice opinions on topics.

    design shack
    Design Shack
  3. A code oriented site that shows you how to get things done using code snippets. It has a lot of very powerful tricks that you can do by editing the code of your template files. If you’re a beginner you should be careful while using these tips!

    wp recepies
  4. Smashing Magazine: A very rich resource for WordPress and other topics, written by a large number of talented processionals. One of the big players of the field.

    smashing magazine
    Smashing Magazine
  5. WordPress Codex: The ultimate official resource for learning everything about WordPress.  It has in-depth documentation about all new things and old ones as well. I consider it my go-to-resource when I can’t find what I’m looking for elsewhere.

    WordPress Codex
  6. WordPress-TV: The official video site for WordPress, shows lots of very useful presentation on everything related to WordPress, and it displays events like Wordcamp and other events which bring together all professionals in the field. I personally prefer watching videos than reading long articles!

    wordpress TV
    WordPress TV
  7. DigWP: Another site by Chris Coyer which is dedicated to WordPress and through which you can buy his great book, Digging Into WordPress, which was my first e-book to actually buy and I believe it’s really worth it’s price!


Well, those were my top 8 resources, hope you like them and I look forward to your favorite sites for learning WordPress to enrich the article further. So, don’t forget to comment on the article below.

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