My first impressions on a Mac

After two years of working with Photoshop CS3, I decided it was time to move forward and take a course on the newly released Photoshop CS5, so I looked for a good training center and I started two days ago.

The thing that made me happy was that they taught on Mac computers, which was my first interaction with a Mac.

I’ve always loved the funny commercials Mac vs. PC, and they always made me wonder, is it really better?

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An amazing display for a Mac

What did I like about the Mac?

  • It looks fantastic and really draws your eyes and make you Wow!
  • The screen’s large size 27 inch, great clarity, and having all in one case with no clutter, just a screen, mouse and keyboard is a wonderful thing as well.
  • The way it’s designed makes you feel happy while using it, not really sure why but I think Apple always tried to create devices that make you love to use!
  • The quality of the hardware materials is really superb
  • The graphic interface is so pleasing and colorful a lot more than Windows.

Was it hard to use the Mac being a PC user?

Absolutely not, I just needed a very few instructions and that was it, very simple to get used to.

My only concern here is that a lot of programs that we’ve always been used to having on a PC will not be available for the Mac and that might make it a bit hard to get used to all new programs not just the operating system.

Will I buy a Mac?

I certainly hope so, but it’s so expensive and it’s even more expensive here in Egypt, or let me say overpriced!

It will be a very big investment that I will need time to prepare for.

Final thought…

I’ve had the impression that Mac computers never freeze or suffer from the regular PC problems that make you restart the system a lot of times, but after using a Mac it seemed to have it’s share of the same problem, although I can’t decide if that happens that frequent or not.

So, what’s your opinion about the Mac vs. PC battle and who wins in your opinion?

Share your thoughts below.

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  1. No comments here? Weird!

    First of all, greetings from Spain, where some computer stuff tends to be overpriced too :)

    I’ve been a PC/Windows user since I got my first computer, I learn fast so I was always trying to customize and fix stuff from my OS. I’d always format my hard drive to get rid of all preinstalled stuff to start all over again so that I could make a 100% custom installation. I hate useless Windows components.

    Just one year ago, my new and all-mighty pc crashed. I got so mad I nearly threw it through the window. I had some money saved from last works and decided to get the best iMac available at the moment, and pay it in 10 months (sold my pc and monitor prior to that).

    I couldn’t be happier. Instead of uninstalling stuff, re-formatting, searching for drivers etc, I just got a “hello, what’s your name?” screen once I got it out of the box and turned it on. And once I wrote down my name, my new beatiful iMac displayed “welcome, Carlos” and that was it. Working flawlessly from day one.

    I had never used a Mac and now love it. Sure, they have problems as well, but the stability of the OS, the quality of the components, the customer service, the no-need-for-f*cking drivers and the space-saving of having it all integrated in the monitor is priceless.

    Not to mention, the preinstalled stuff DOES work good. iMovie? iPhoto? iTunes? Photobooth, Front Row, Textedit, Safari, they’re all good stuff. What does Window have, MS-Paint? A dozen versions of he same OS?

    So yeah, I’m a convert :P

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