How Your Ecommerce Business Can Address Online Shopping Concerns

Running an ecommerce business is appealing to entrepreneurs because of its profit potential and low barrier to entry. However, ecommerce comes with its own unique set of problems that traditional brick-and-mortar businesses avoid entirely; namely, concerns about data privacy.

Online shoppers fear for the safety of their personal data, an issue that will continue to grow as hackers find more ways to infiltrate websites and bypass their security measures. So is there a solution? There is no one size fits all answer, but there are best practices that ecommerce companies should be implementing to ensure that their security standards are up to par.

For one, any website that collects user data at all should be using the HTTPS standard to encrypt messages. Another basic protocol is to create strong passwords for admin web pages that are updated every three to six months. From there, business owners should be sure to inform and educate their staff about cybersecurity best practices. Only then can you ensure that your organization is doing everything in its power to protect user data.  

To learn more about how your ecommerce business can address online shopping concerns, check out the infographic from Wikibuy below.

This is a guest post by: Luke Fernandez

Luke Fernandez runs Growth at Wikibuy, a consumer product that helps shoppers know when, where, and what to buy. As a Product and Growth leader, Luke has helped Fortune 500 companies and startups alike drive best-in-class marketing through technology and data.

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