5 Most valuable lessions I learned from my computer crash

It all started like a normal day working at my computer when I noticed an alarm of a virus threat on my PC, so I ran AVG anti-virus scan which detected the file, then I thought why not use an anti-malware to clean it instead, so I opened MalwareBytes and scanned. It found 10 infected files and I simply clicked REMOVE, and then restarted my computer as prompted.

And… the was it. I could not access my computer anymore. Just a blank desktop with nothing on it!

Computer Crash

3 Full days of pain I endured to get back to my PC and regain all my files and programs back and here is my list of Must-Do tips to prevent suffering like I did:

  1. Always backup regularly and get the best backup software and hardware you can afford( I’ve always thought that it’s not crucial to pay for backup hardware, I was totally Wrong!). I also use Mozy for online backups, it’s easy to use and efficient.
    Update: I bought a Western Digital External Hard drive and am currently backing up all my work on it.
  2. Have a Plan B in case things go wrong, like another PC or laptop with your software, settings, files etc.. that you could use in cases of emergency.
  3. Always travel with your important Recovery CD’s and backup( I didn’t!)
  4. When things go wrong with you hardware, seek a professional immediately( Don’t try to fix it yourself like I did! trust me, it won’t work in most cases!)
  5. Be prepared mentally for such occasions and don’t panic or get depressed, after all it’s YOU who is the most important not your PC or files and you can always get back on track even if you lose everything.

A Word to anti-virus programmers and companies:

Please, make sure to tell your programs which files shouldn’t be deleted and how to deal with infected systme files that can crash the computer if removed!

I’ve always trusted such programs but I guess I was wrong!

So, hope you find those useful and I look forward to hearing your part of the story and your tips for not getting stuck with a computer crash once more.

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