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This is part 4 of a WordPress How-to video series.

Although WordPress was initially a blogging platform, nowadays, lots of people are using as a regular website, or what’s called a CMS( content management system). To make this easier you need a way to control the pages especially if you have lots of them, in multiple levels.

This screen cast explains how to use a popular plugin for such a task called, Page Tree, which makes it super easy to control as many pages as you like. Of course you need to install the plugin first to be able to try what’s in the video yourself.


Topics covered in Screen Cast:

  • Using page tree to have better control over your pages.
  • How to find your page easily

You can get the free plugin here, Page Tree Plugin

Another plugin that you can use for the same purpose is called, PageMash.

I look forward to hearing any comments or suggestions and other plugins that you know with the same or better functionality.


Viewing the screen cast in full screen mode will give you a better experience.

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