Product Page Redesign Leading to More Sales… hopefully!

The Target:

A few days ago I was approached by one of my clients who had a new product launch on his website ( his company manufactures Motors for boats) and he wanted my help to make this page look good so the product would hopefully get more sales.

Starting Point:

I looked at the old page and this is how it looked,

screenshot 2017 08 30 11 29 28 old

What I did:

So, after a lot of thought I took the exact same info and tried to rearrange it to look good and be more attractive and got some new images from him to help make the page more interesting and allow interested users to see more of the actual product.

I thought of adding some blur to the images to have the focus just on the engines and prevent the other elements on the images from being a source of distraction.

The Result:

And after a couple of hours working on the page, here is the final result,

screenshot 2017 08 30 11 37 17 new

And now we’re waiting for the results and I will update you soon on how well that design change made a difference in sales.

Have a Similar Experience?

Have you seen a similar situation where a change in design lead an increase in sales?

Please, share your experience with us and let us know what you think of the idea and the redesign and any insights you have for the topic.

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