Do you still think of WordPress as just a blogging platform? Think again!

Often, when people think of WordPress, one of the first things that comes to mind is its use as a blogging platform. Today, however, it is used for much, much more than that. WordPress has developed greatly since its foundation and is now one of the most powerful content management systems available.

Although there are many other content management systems out there, there is something about the ease of use and huge range of features available at WordPress that has prompted 29% of the world’s websites to use it. That’s not saying that the blogging side to the system has been replaced as 48% of Technorati’s Top 100 blogs are managed by WordPress.

So what can you do with WordPress?

Personal Blog

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The majority of blogs on the internet still run on WordPress. It is extremely easy to set up and maintain, yet it can create a highly successful, detailed and professional looking blog. In addition to individuals using it to create personal blogs in the form of a virtual diary, it can also be used to generate revenue through the use of advertising such as Google AdSense.

Businesses also use WordPress to run a blog alongside their main website. This can bring multiple benefits by attracting people to the site, building a reputation with customers and helping with SEO.


Businesses all over the globe are using WordPress to create and manage their websites. It is the favorite for many small and large companies, with 11 Fortune 500 companies currently utilizing its many benefits.

One of its many draws is its ease of use. It is easy to set up, and it allows for multiple people to create and maintain content without the use of a third party for help. There is no need for any coding knowledge whatsoever.

There are literally thousands of themes and plugins available to help make the site completely unique, many of which can help with website basics such as SEO.


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Once a business has created a website through WordPress, there is a handy plugin available called WooCommerce that helps to turn a simple website into a retailer’s dream. The plugin is free to use and comes with a huge range of extensions that can help you create and manage a unique and fully functioning online store.

Like WordPress itself, it is easy to set up and use, and you can make your store as simple or as complicated as you like.

Portfolio and Gallery

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If you need a space to show off all that you can do with as little hassle as possible, then WordPress can provide this. The system has many readily available themes that are perfect for a portfolio making your work look both neat and professional. You are able to completely personalize the page to your specifications and take a look at the built-in analytics to check out how many people have been looking at your work.

Sales and Landing Page

Internet marketers often use WordPress to build high-end sales and landing pages. There are many reasons for this choice, but one of the main benefits is that it can be set up much faster than an HTML page. It is also extremely flexible and easy to edit once it has been created. The in-depth analytics will help to track consumer behavior and the many themes can be used to give off the right brand image.

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