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I’ve hesitated a lot before buying my iPad( I don’t like to rush into buying new devices until I make sure they’re really worth it), but I believe I was mistaken, I should have got it from the beginning.

After buying the iPad and once I setup it and held it in my hands, I fell in love with it right away.


It’s a really amazing device, great screen, very suitable size, good battery life and wonderful apps you can get for it.

I was concerned that it might not work well for me as I have a PC not a Mac but that proved not to be a problem at all.

What I loved about the iPad:

  • Wonderful in surfing the internet
  • Very nice in checking email
  • Enjoyable social media like Facebook, twitter and Skype.
  • Great apps that you can get from the App Store, whether free or paid( a lot priced at $0.99) which is quite reasonable even for someone living in Egypt.
  • It has great support for Arabic ( one thing I doubted at first)

What I didn’t like about it:

  • Having bought mine in Dubai, UAE, it wasn’t pre-installed with FaceTime which was quite bad for me.
  • Some features of the iTunes store are not available.
  • Activation of some features like iMessage or Find Friends requires you to choose your country, where Egypt is not among the list( really can’t understand why!)

So, my conclusion:

It’s a must have if you need a device for surfing the net, checking email and doing lots of fun stuff( games included of course, and very addicting in fact). To me it was a nice way to stay connected without having to keep sitting down on my desk all day long.


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