Why WordPress?

My first encounter with WordPress dates back to September 2007, when I published my first blog, El Malak Pharmacy Blog. since then I never stopped using WordPress and learning new things about it every day.

El Malak Pharmacy Blog
El Malak Pharmacy Blog

I have to say that I was very attracted to it, and every time I learn something new or make a new web site using it, I find a lot more to learn. It really is a deep sea to explore!

So, what are the reasons for my love of WordPress?

  1. It’s free. May be if it had been a paid service I would have gotten the chance to try in the first place!
  2. It’s really easy to use, and you can learn a lot by yourself.
  3. The web is full with helpful resources and experts who can give you a hand to tackle any related issue you come across.
  4. It can be use to build web sites that are very easy to edit and maintain and this gave me a great advantage with clients who want to be able to update their sites after they are designed and put on the internet.
  5. It has so many plugins that add a lot of functionality to the site very easily
  6. You can choose from thousands of themes available online and you can even modify them to your liking.

Well, I could go on for long if I wanted to list all about WordPress, but I advise you to get started using it today.

After all, it’s FREE.

And if you need me to build your site using WordPress, don’t hesitate to contact me today.



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