El MalakRx Arabic now Responsive

iPad iphone 2

After a lot of hesitation I decided it was time for El Malak Pharmacy Arabic site to be Responsive, and it’s ready! Our site is now easily viewed using your iPad, iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy phone with good screen. So, don’t wait, go ahead now and visit our site using your mobile browser and …

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Best Timeline Video Tutorial I’ve seen

timeline facebook pages

I was checking a website called” Smart passive Income” when I came across a very informative video they have explaining everything about how to setup your Facebook Timeline with a video tutorial. I have to say it’s super nice and easy to understand and follow. So, here it is, Hope you enjoy it and let …

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Online payment, slowly coming to Egypt

wallety slide1

With a worldwide booming of online transactions, Egypt was still left behind and people are still afraid to do online purchases or transactions. What made things even worse was the absence of safe and easy-to-use tools to make the process simpler. However, I have just heard about a new service called” Wallety” and it allows …

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Just upgraded to iOS6

ios6 title

As always, I am very anxious to try out new updates for software I use, and I always¬† put great expectations on ones done by Apple in particular. Today, I’ve just upgraded my iPad2 to the latest iOS6, and all went very smooth and here are thoughts about it: The overall upgrade process was very …

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Apple is losing it !

iphone5 display hero

I have a feeling that after the death of Steve Jobs Apple is losing its charm and wow factor. Looking at the New iPad and iPhone 5, I am not really impressed at all. What’s your opinion?

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