WordPress 3.2: What I like most!

First watch the official video for WordPress 3.2 to see the main highlights about the new release.

My Personal Favorite Features:

  1. The new Full Screen Write mode lets you focus on what you want to write and not worry about anything else, really cool!
  2. The Dashboard has a nicer and cleaner look now
  3. The ultra-fast automatic updates is really a breeze, as now WordPress overwrites only the new or changed files, a long awaited feature.
  4. The New 2011 default theme is a lot nicer and has some cool features that you will enjoy and can get you started in no time with a new site that looks good.

Well, those are my top 4 favourites, What’s yours?

Share you thoughts and impressions about it with us.

1 thought on “WordPress 3.2: What I like most!”

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