WordPress 3.2 Be careful before you upgrade!

I’ve just been notified that WordPress 3.2 is ready to be installed and as I am always happy to upgrade to the latest versions, a word of caution is important this time as the release notes state that WordPress now only supports PHP 5.2.4 and MySQL 5.0

So, you need to make sure your server supports those before upgrading.

How can I be sure?

  • Log into your hosting account’s control panel and see which versions your site supports
  • Or, ask your hosting support about which versions are installed.
  • Or, better install a plugin called Health Check, which does the homework for you and gives you a message as to whether your server supports the latest release of WordPress or not. Simply install and activate and it does the check for you automatically.

So, be safe better than sorry.

I will prepare a video walk-through to cover the new features in WP 3.2 soon.

As for me, I’ve used the plugin, and it proved that I am good to go which made me upgrade and things ran smoothly.

Hope it works for you too.


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