WordPress community… Thank you!

After I wrote my last post, WordPress… I am disappointed by a week or so I found a solution to my problem that I discussed over there thanks to the wonderful community that supports WordPress and makes it worth sticking to.

The Problem:

I found out that the whole problem was caused by having a custom post type that starts with an Uppercase name, Pharmacists instead of pharmacists, this lead to the break of the custom post type when I upgraded to WP 3.1.

The Solution:

To solve this I had to follow the advice on this WordPress Support article


And it worked like a charm

Here is another article that explains the solution in a simpler way


And now, I’ve regained my site back and it’s live now with heavy use of Custom Post types and Custom taxonomies.

Please, visit El Malak Pharmacy New Arabic Site now and let me know your opinion about it.

Wordpress community... Thank you!
El Malak Pharmacy New Arabic Site


WordPress Community, you rock!



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