WordPress… I am disappointed

I’ve been using WordPress for almost 3 years now and things have been going pretty well, except for some minor problems and errors that I’ve always been able to handle, some alone and most with the help of the vast spread WordPress community on the Internet.

However, recently I started working on my biggest project ever,  one in which I used all my skills, knowledge and experience more that I’ve ever given to any other site I’ve done, and to my bad luck I’ve been stuck with a problem that made me really disappointed!

Here is what happened…

I was trying to recreate my first site, El Malak Pharmacy Arabic Site, that I did almost 10 years ago using FrontPage which is outdated now and wanted to duplicate everything on it using my favorite WordPress.

To do so, I had to make heavy use of custom post types and custom taxonomies, which I created using the plugin( WP Post Type UI) as well as using custom permalinks to keep the same page names in order not to lose my traffic that came to specific pages on the site(using Custom Post Permalinks).

I started out with WordPress 2.9 and things went quite well and I had already done about half of the site’s content( which totals to almost 230 pages) and then WordPress 3.0 was released and I upgraded and to my surprise, things went bad.

Going to my custom post types, I found that all of them were giving 404 errors when I tried to visit them, and on the back-end, I could only see a View button, no edit, delete or anything else.

elmalak new error
How custom post types look at the back-end now

And now, I am stuck, I can’t edit my custom posts, nor delete them, and I really don’t know what to do.

I tried to post the problem onto the WordPress official forums here, but up till now, I haven’t gotten any fixes for it.

So, if you’ve faced this problem before, or know how to fix it, I would really appreciate dropping me a line to tell me what to do about it.


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